Bukirk Facilities

“Cluckingham Palace” is our new Accessible Fancy Coop, offering people with mobility issues and disabilities the chance to enjoy what Bukirk has to offer. 

We offer a lot more than just accommodation at Bukirk. We have a unique property that has been improved with our guests in mind.

There is a pool area, a communal kitchen, fire pit along with our friendly farm animals that guests are free to interact with.



Pool Area

Finished in 2022 we opened the pool area to give our guests a place to cool off and relax. It has also been a great place to socialise with other guests, with many great friendships being formed. With a fridge in the area to store your drinks, and towels available to use, it’s the perfect end to a day during the warmer months.

Fire pit

One thing we love in our wide open area is our amazing bonfire area, where guests can sit around for hours, and enjoy each others company while enjoying a marshmallow or a glass of wine.

Please note: Bonfire is not available during fire danger days/season.

Outdoor Communal Area

The outdoor communal area is the ideal place to socialise with others, while there are many things to do. 

The area features a Fridge/Freezer, Pizza Oven, Fireplace, Board Games, Card Games and Books. 

There is something for everyone here to relax and enjoy.


Glamp Kitchen with Fridge/Freezer


Pizza Oven

Board Games, Card Games & Books

Our Friendly Farm Animals

One thing that our guests love is our beautiful friends farm animals, which guests love to play with.

Kevin "Kevi" Bacon

Pet Sheep

Betty Boo